Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

//Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

Outsourcing to India: The Strategic Choice for Business Growth

In addition, many professionals pursue additional education and certifications to remain abreast of the most recent trends and technologies. With India’s efficiency in managing outsourced work, you can quickly see a rise in your profits. This blog post is a comprehensive guide about outsourcing to India, what are its benefits, and the various models available for you to choose from. So, you must get involved in this process seriously and evaluate their technical skillset before onboarding them to your project. Most companies even cater to replacement requests with no questions asked.

  • We believe that to foster long-lasting relationships, we need to offer something that others do not.
  • Here are seven reasons why your company must seriously consider outsourcing to India.
  • On top of that, there is also the risk of projects that are seasonal or have intermittent demands.
  • While the time zone difference between India and other countries can be an advantage in terms of providing 24/7 support, it can also be a disadvantage.
  • There are over 500 companies in India that are catering to the varying requirements of the western countries.

Microsoft signed a three-year outsourcing deal with Infosys Technologies in 2010. Help desk, desk-side services, and application support—the agreement covered over 450 locations across 104 countries. One of the critical legal considerations when outsourcing to India is data privacy. India has implemented data protection laws to protect the privacy and security of personal data.

What types of services can be outsourced to India?

In fact, Kearney’s 2021 index introduced a digital resonance metric to score countries on their digital skills. The changing digital focus could also mean more success for Singapore, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Canada and Israel, the author pointed out. Andy is a technology & marketing leader who has delivered award-winning and world-first experiences.

Infrastructure prevents Indian outsourcing companies from doing a work-from-home setup. Logistics setup is complex as most of their employees reside outside the city. Ensure your third-party service provider has an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) security certification.

Access to Skilled Talent

Additionally, it’s important to remember that India’s popularity as an IT outsourcing destination results in fierce competition. Read further to learn more about India’s remarkable standing in the global business process outsourcing and the IT offshoring landscape. We’ll cover relevant rankings, top IT hubs, pros and cons of outsourcing to India, and Indian talent’s most important facts. They do have team of 100+ experts which includes certified project managers, experienced developers, creative designers, expert business analysts, digital marketers, and quality analysts.

IBM caught the attention of U.S. labor markets after it moved well-paid jobs to lower-cost countries like India. The company employed 130,000 people in India, while 100,000 people at its American offices. Although it outsourced many of its operations to India, IBM experienced declining sales. American Express (AMEX) has been practicing business process outsourcing in India. This company entrusts its customer service to some companies in India and the Philippines. Companies who have worked with AMEX are Infosys Ltd and Tata Consultancy Services.

Why Should You Choose Maxima as Your Outsourcing Partner in India?

They can hire AI engineers, blockchain experts, chatbot, RPA, ML, IoT, and other developers for various new development frameworks and libraries unhindered. They need not worry about the technology front of things in their digitalization initiative as long as they outsource. Now, a strategic partnership between the two firms for achieving the best outcome from an outsourcing venture has become classification of receivables the way out. Especially the pandemic of 2020 enabled more businesses to outsource to India and similar destinations to experienced web development companies. And even in 2021, this practice continued to empower businesses aiming for digital transformation. In simplest terms, outsourcing is the process of getting your business operations performed outside your in-house infrastructure.

While cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage of outsourcing, the quality of outsourcing services is also crucial. India’s highly skilled remote developers and advanced technology infrastructure enable outsourcing firms to deliver high-quality services to their clients. However, businesses need to be aware of potential language and cultural barriers that can impact the quality of outsourcing services.

Financial services outsourcing companies

With an NDA, you can legally bind the software development team to keep all project-related data confidential. So instead of employing in-house developers, you can outsource software development tasks to India to save huge amounts of money. The Indian outsourcing industry serves a diverse range of organisations! It can be tough to outsource work to an Indian service provider if you don’t understand how the sector works. If the country you outsource to is experiencing strong economic growth and costs and wages are increasing, this could also see pricing increases when it comes time to renew your contract. Having the right contract terms with your Indian outsourcing partner can help mitigate these risks.

FinAcc Global is a leading accounting agency based in Ahmedabad, India. It specializes in providing various financial services to companies in the UK, USA, Canada, and New Zealand. That’s why it’s crucial to practice transparent communication with your outsourcing partner. Also, consider using communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, or ClickUp to ensure that your virtual accountants remain accessible throughout the day.

IoT services

The major IT hubs in India like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata have become oversaturated with software and BPO companies, making it difficult for newer companies to emerge. This reduces the competition within the IT industry and negates cost-effectiveness due to high real estate prices. India had topped the GSLI rankings in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020 as well. This indicates the prominence of the Indian software outsourcing sector on the global stage. The use of productivity monitoring tools like Traqq, Time Doctor and ProHance is becoming essential productivity management tools. Web accessibility tools can also open the doors to people with issues like colour blindness or epilepsy to work more effectively.

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